Thursday, December 29, 2016

Promote Good Energy at Work

You're coming back from holiday break. Life has been relatively laid back and now you're diving into the new year with renewed vigor (and stress) at work. How can you stay calm while your work space speeds up? We're going to give you a few ideas.

What are some of the ways you find balance at work when you're stressed? Let us know - we're always in favor of more peace of mind.

The CJ Team

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Get the look: Touches of Crystal

There is nothing that will give your home or party a well curated feel faster than using crystal and gemstones! Bright color, natural beauty, it's got it all! Here are some of our favorites ideas.

 photo with a city dream 1_zps3tgmrm69.jpg

This look was styled by With a City Dream using our agate book ends! We love the pop of color in her bright white home!
This agate garland is what dreams are made of. Pro tip: Make sure not to leave them in open sunlight too long, they will fade! 

We sell agate slices in every shape and color! Contact us to buy them in any quantity and make them into party favors or place cards!

Make sure to keep up with our Pinterest board - we are always curating more DIY and decor ideas!

CJ Team

Monday, November 7, 2016

November birthstone: Citrine.

Wearing handmade birthstone jewelry is a great way to individualize your jewelry collection! We have some pretty adorable ways to flash your birthstone in the shop. This month's birthstone is citrine, so if you're a November baby, browse our Citrine!

A little about the stone

The gemstone Citrine is the official birthstone for the month of November as adopted by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Citrine is a variety of quartz ranging in colors of yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, reddish-brown. Citrine crystals can form together with amethyst or smoky quartz to form a bi-colored quartz called ametrine.

Citrine is believed to help the heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver and muscles. It promotes creativity, helps personal clarity and eliminates self-destructive tendencies.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Beginner's Guide to Chakras

 photo CHAKRA BASICS_zpszbkl8llw.jpg

Muladhara is related to instinct, security, survival and also to basic human potentiality. Physically, Muladhara governs sexuality, mentally it governs stability, emotionally it governs sensuality, and spiritually it governs a sense of security. Muladhara also has a relation to the sense of smell.

This chakra is located in the sacrum and is considered to correspond to the testes or the ovaries that produce the various sex hormones involved in the reproductive cycle. Svadhishthana is also considered to be related to, more generally, the genitourinary system and the adrenals. The key issues involving Svadhishthana are relationships, violence, addictions, basic emotional needs, and pleasure. Physically, Svadhishthana governs reproduction, mentally it governs creativity, emotionally it governs joy, and spiritually it governs enthusiasm.
Manipura is related to the metabolic and digestive systems. Manipura is believed to correspond to Islets of Langerhans, which are groups of cells in the pancreas, as well as the outer adrenal glands and the adrenal cortex. These play a valuable role in digestion, the conversion of food matter into energy for the body. The colour that corresponds to Manipura is yellow. Key issues governed by Manipura are issues of personal power, fear, anxiety, opinion-formation, introversion, and transition from simple or base emotions to complex. Physically, Manipura governs digestion, mentally it governs personal power, emotionally it governs expansiveness, and spiritually, all matters of growth.
Anahata is related to the thymus, located in the chest. The thymus is an element of the immune system as well as being part of the endocrine system. It is the site of maturation of the T cells responsible for fending off disease and may be adversely affected by stress. Anahata is related to the colors green or pink. Key issues involving Anahata involve complex emotions, compassion, tenderness, unconditional love, equilibrium, rejection and well-being. Physically Anahata governs circulation, emotionally it governs unconditional love for the self and others, mentally it governs passion, and spiritually it governs devotion.

Vishuddha may be understood as relating to communication and growth through expression. This chakra is paralleled to the thyroid, a gland that is also in the throat and which produces thyroid hormone, responsible for growth and maturation. Physically, Vishuddha governs communication, emotionally it governs independence, mentally it governs fluent thought, and spiritually, it governs a sense of security.

Ajna, is known as the third eye chakra and is linked to the pineal gland which may inform a model of its envisioning. The pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep and waking up, and is also postulated to be the production site of the psychedelic dimethyltryptamine, the only known hallucinogen endogenous to the human body. Ajna's key issues involve balancing the higher and lower selves and trusting inner guidance. Ajna's inner aspect relates to the access of intuition. Mentally, Ajna deals with visual consciousness. Emotionally, Ajna deals with clarity on an intuitive level.
Sahasrara, or crown chakra is generally considered to be the state of pure consciousness, within which there is neither object nor subject. When the Kundalini energy rises to this point, it unites with the male Shiva energy, and a state of liberating samadhi is attained. Symbolized by a lotus with one thousand multi-coloured petals, it is located either at the crown of the head, or above the crown of the head. Sahasrara is represented by the colour white and it involves such issues as inner wisdom and the death of the body.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DIY Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry

 photo cad22712-4f6d-4f82-b518-58294cd7142b_zpsqketdruv.jpg

With our thousands of crystals and gemstones, there are thousands of DIY possibilities! These are just a few that really stuck out at us. These are techniques that our jewelry designers use all the time. We hope to share many more DIY tutorials with you. Make sure to head over to our Pinterest page for inspiration.

 photo 0505b3d1-0ba8-42c4-b203-315058e0a6f6_zpsrotvqvin.jpg

One of our favorite bloggers, Dans le Lakehouse, made these amazing crystal and bullet necklaces.

 photo 4ded64a6-6987-4368-933b-4ede086a5ce1_zpsm5cn72ve.jpg

Hello Whimsy has a tutorial to show you 3 ways to wrap a stone bead. We love it!

 photo eb890099-a6b2-4dc0-888f-eba2e9818d44_zpsfrdg8mpg.jpg

Look at this amazing chunky leather and crystal bracelet Lebenslustiger made! This would make an amazing gift.

 photo cfe1487d-37ce-4562-bcfb-03bb2088de3a_zpscl4comab.jpg

This tutorial from Make and Fable teaches one of our favorite techniques - the cage technique!

 photo 81c5d8c0-e158-4f58-988f-bb5b7bd789a1_zpsadqyhaew.jpg

Delightfully DIY made an amazing crystal statement necklace and we all want one. Like, now.

Have you seen any amazing DIY crystal jewelry? What's your favorite technique?

CJ Team

Thursday, October 13, 2016

CJs Loves KRS Photography

There is no better match for beautiful handmade jewelry than a talented photographer. We absolutely love Kim Salazar's work and asked her to spotlight some of our favorite pieces. This collab with KRS could not have been more successful!
 photo 41e28fe0-ac7f-402d-ad9d-fda894b376d7_zps8anqv5kf.jpg  photo 4846f509-9274-4f1b-a13b-eabee5ea7cb2_zpsj6wm6c6a.jpg  photo ca627b33-17aa-4f46-834f-e283883625e1_zps6rq3us9y.jpg  photo f9c9d4ab-1698-4744-802a-c0918a5ec136_zpsimxgrtce.jpg photo b894bd94-4907-4a03-9560-22a7ad531c1f_zpsdeuhbndx.jpg
Stay tuned for some get the look posts!
Crystal Joys Team